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Join us on Saturday, Dec. 4 for a look at what's in the December sky.

The Fred Bay Observatory at Hisey Park will be open to the public from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
In case of cloudy skies or rain, we will move our program indoors.

All members of the Warren County Astronomical Society are invited to bring their telescopes and share views with visitors.

Trained volunteers scheduled to operate the observatory:
Sean Parry
Chris Celek
Jeff Blazey

It is with the most profound of saddness that I have to announce the passing of Fred Bay yesterday afternoon due to complications associated with COVID 19.  

Fred was one of my most dearest of friends, a warm, generous fellow who was always upbeat and positive.  Fred was absolutely instrumental and vital in the starting and development of WCAS and this website but also the observatories at Camp Joy and Hisey Park, all of which would simply not have happenned without Fred.  Thousands of people, especially children, have seen with great clarity the wonders of the universe, stuff they had never, ever, seen before, because of Fred's efforts.  I could share some very warm and heart felt stories of how Fred could, simply by being Fred, engage with kids at Camp Joy.  He had a very special gift for that.

Fred was also a long time volunteer Warren County Parks Commissioner and was instrumental in bringing me onto the Commission as well....so he did make a few mistakes, but, hopefully, that was a minor one.   

I shall miss my friend.

Goodbye my frind but I know you have a much better view of the stars now than you could ever have back here on Earth.

Please take a moment to remember Fred and pray for his family during their grief, especially Judy his wife, who is also a most remarkable person who has also contributed mightly to our astro-lives.



Finally, a morning where I could view Saturday, Mars and Jupiter. It was a little cold, using my 8in Zhumell Dobson telescope, but I was able to see Jupiter and its 4 largest moons, Mars, Saturn and its largest moon titan. I was really refreshing to view the stars again after so many cloudy days.
The last time I viewed was a couple of weeks ago where I was able to see the same planets in the morning plus a 5th moon with Jupiter and then in the evening I was able to see the Orion Nebula for the first time on my own. I wish I could have more days like that.
I hope others are able to view the stars too.


Construction of the Rachel A. Hutzel has begun.  The foundation has been dug, footers poured, structural steel installed, parking lot excavated and driveway cut completed.



Our Sun has two neighboring Stars, Hidden until now




WCAS "clubhouse", Hisey Park in the "red farmhouse" seen from the overlook




Link to the Rachel A. Hutzel Observatory         www.warrensky.org




Application Form  http://www.warrensky.org/App/641_form.html

send check to the below mailing address

Warren County Astronomical Society Mailing Address
c/o Warren County Park District
1267 N. State Route 741
Lebanon, Ohio 45036


Warren County Astronomical Society Base Location
Hisey Park [Warren County]
5443 Middletown Rd.
Corwin, OH 45068

Information on Warren County Hisey Park : http://www.co.warren.oh.us/parks/parks_list/hisey.htm