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"Star Parties"

Today is soooo beautiful!

How beautiful is it?

It's so beautiful that the observatory at Hisey Park will be open to the public tonight September 24 at 7:30-ish.

Jupiter and Saturn will be good viewing positions.  Moon rise is at 9:30 so we may actually be able to ger in some deep sky viewing as well before it interferes and the forecasted clouds begin to roll in.

I will be there myself around 6:30 ish to conduct training on the scope and observatory operation.

Bring a jacket!





Fred Bay Memorial and Star Party October 2, 2021  

At the very start of the annual Hisey Park Fall Festival, 11:00 AM on Saturday, October 2, there will be a brief memorial service for the late Mr. Fred Bay, one of our co-founders here at WCAS and long time Warren County Park Commissioner.  Fred was/is also one of my dearest friends.  As part of the memorial service, the Warren County Parks District will dedicate and name the observatory after Fred.  There will also be a nice landscaped area adjacent to the observatory, including two benches (one for Fred and one for his surviving wife Judy) and a nice granite plaque in Fred's memory.

Please, please,please, come on out to that Saturday to pay our respects to Fred.  The Observatories at Hisey Park and Camp Joy just would not have come about without Fred's activism for these projects and love for our hobby.


Also, the Hisey Festival is just- plain-fun and I highly recommend you stick around and enjoy the festivities for the whole family.   And it's free.  I would really like some of you members to bring out your scopes and set them up for folks to see.   Weather permitting, I also want to put on a star party in the evening too.  We are long overdue for one and what a great time to reconnect together to enjoy our hobby and share it with others.



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