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The Leo Triplets taken during our first light with the club's ATIK Horizon video camera using a TEC 140ED at ~ F6.  About 15 minutes of 30 second exposures automatically taken and stached with with Atik's Infinity software, with a little processesing in an ancient version of Paint Shop Pro.


First photo taken with new scope on Jan. 26, 2013. Prime focus thru Celestron NexStar 8 using f/6.3 telecompressor and captured using a Lumix G1 @ 1/250" ISO 100. Edited with Adobe Lightroom -  Colin Hester



In 1985 I was trying to find Halley's Comet (early) and I knew it was in the area of the Plaeides. Photos on several nights thru my Celestron C-8 (old orange body) revealed a "fuzz ball" changing positions.   F.  Bay



2/16/13: Couldn't pass up a clearish night, so decided to play around with Rot'n'Stack and Ursa Major. Merged 15x4" exposures(Lumix G1, f1/7, 40mm, ISO400, long shutter noise reduction); PNG file converted to jpg with GIMP. Final touches with Lightroom. Seems the image here is pretty (actually highly)compressed. Full image can be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/80435999@N08/8477320427/in/photostream   - Colin Hester


On Feb 9, 2013, I had the opportunity to spend a very dark Saturday night in Death Valley National Park in California at a Star Party hosted by the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. Here are some of the pictures that I took with our DSLR, standard lenses and Astrotrac mount. This is the Flame and Horsehead Nebulas taken with an unmodified DSLR -- love the dark skies to capture more red light that is lost around here.   -D. Griggs


While at Death Valley National Park on Feb 9, 2013, I also took this photo of M31 - Andromeda Galaxy and its companion galaxies M32 (to the left) and M110 (to the right). Photo is a stack of 30 or so 75 sec exposures with Nikon D700, 200mm f/3 Vivitar Series 1 lens @ F5.6 and tracked with our Astrotrac.  -D. Griggs

Canon 6D, Skywatcher 120 ED crop of original single shot moon portrait, with some enhancing in Photoshop.Canon 6D, single shot, Skywatcher 120ED. 

Canon 6D DSLR, single frame, SW 120 ED APO, 3x barlow, cropped with a bit of edge enhancement